Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The GUY......

     In the Summer of 1994 I headed to Peekskill, NY to work as the Assistant Director of Learning Partners, an inner city summer recreational/learning program. The Director was a friend that I had met during my college summers working at a Christian Camp.  He invited me for the summer and I accepted the position.  I went to NY not knowing anyone but him. I quickly met many people and became involved in a church and small group. My Friend had a Best friend who would come into the center on his days off to volunteer with the kids. I still remember the first time I saw this GUY. He was dressed in a Harley T-shirt, Jean shorts,black combat boots, long hair to his shoulders and an earring in his ear. Hmmmm...I thought...This should be interesting. Who was this GUY and what was his story??? Well...I soon would find out and my life would never be the same:)
     That day, This guy gave his testimony/ life story to the kids.  I remember thinking hmmmm....very interesting...but didn't really think much  more about it. A week or so went by and the program continued. I developed some very special relationships with the kids and also fellow staffers. One of those staffers ended up being a bridesmaid in my wedding But hold on I am getting ahead of myself...Soooo as the weeks continued my friend invited me to his softball game. Not only did he invite me to his game but he told me that His Friend,this Mysterious GUY, was looking forward to me coming. Little to my knowledge did I know that he told this Guy I was anticipating him coming to the game...Long story short...OUR Friend Set US UP,LOL.
     We began getting together with Our friend and his wife, watching movies,dinners, going to Bible Study, Playing Volleyball together...The Whole time this guy was engaged to another girl. He knew it was a relationship that He shouldn't be in but wouldn't listen to the advice of anyone he was close to. So It was up to me to show him THE LIGHT!!!!LOL. And boy did I show him! He broke off the engagement and we began dating.  The Summer ended and I decided I wanted to stay in NY to see where this new relationship was heading. I took on a job as a  live in Nanny for a family That my friend knew. My relationship with this GUY continued and we became inseparable. We spent many hours talking, going to Bible Study/Small group, and hanging out with friends. In October I brought him home to Pa for
a weekend visit and to meet the Parents. He would later tell me that that weekend is when he knew he was going to marry me. When he saw me in my Ratty old pajamas he knew I WAS the one,lol. We still laugh about that to this day.
     SOOOOO In November at my Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary Party in front of my Whole family...HE PROPOSED to me....It was the Sweetest thing ever and of course I said YES!!!!!! We spent the next nine months getting to know each other and planning our wedding. Not that there was a whole lot to come up with because like most girls I had my wedding planned in my mind since I was a little girl.  This was the Beginning of the Beginning of the rest of My life. Little did I know all of what God had in store for me in the years to come...and so my story continues....

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  1. And after only knowing me for 2 months, you had the nerve to call me at work and ask if you could borrow some money. Why? Because you had found your WEDDING DRESS!!!