Monday, January 24, 2011

The beginning...My story, My Life

     I have decided to write this Blog after many people telling me to write a book.  I have never considered myself a writer.  My sole purpose of this Blog is to hopefully be an encouragement to others.  To share my life experiences. My experiences as a wife, a mother, a friend, and most importantly a WOG...Woman of God!
     I was born on a warm August night in 1971.  The third oldest of what would be seven children.  My Parents raised me in the church. We would go to Sunday school,Sunday am service, Sunday pm and Wednesday night services. Pretty much if the church was open we were there. As a child my main purpose for going to church was to see my friends and play with them...and to sing. I loved to sing. I attended many kids activities and when I was Nine I attended Sleep Away church camp for the first time. That week at Camp would change my life forever!!!! I asked Jesus into my heart at evening Chapel one night. That was the Beginning of a new life in Christ!
     The next several years were filled with many family adventures,Church events, and typical childhood memories. Riding Bikes, Swimming in the Lake, Running through the Corn fields, Kick the Can. Birthday Parties, sleepovers, Christmas', Camping trips. So many memories that shaped and formed me for the rest of my life.
     As a teenager, I continued to develop relationships with many old friends and many new friends...And of course My interest in boys grew stronger and stronger. I guess you could say I was boy crazy, as most teenage girls are.  There were several boys who got my attention and one in particular that had my heart for a long time and will always have a small part of it. In High school I played sports and was involved in the music program. I developed my love for singing and music.  I also continued my love for softball and volleyball.  My senior year of HS my parents moved about 2 hrs away.  I moved with them leaving everything and everyone I had known for the last 17 yrs. I was excited to meet new friends and experience something different.  However after 3 weeks I realized I needed to go home. I had to go back and graduate with my friends.  Thankfully I had a Wonderful teacher who took me in and let me stay with her to finish my education with my friends.  That last year I had alot of independence and made alot of bad choices.  By the end of my Sr year I had come to the end of my rope and new that I had to surrender to God.  I was heading to a Christian College and new I had to get back on track....God got my attention in a very heart wrenching way and I paid attention for the first time in a long time!
     So In the Fall of 1989 I headed off to college.  I was so excited and proud to be going to college. The first person in my family to attend and later graduate from college.  While in college I learned to think independently. Everything that I had been taught and had heard was tested. God presented many trials and tribulations not only for me but for many of my friends.  I am so thankful that I had the friends and influences of being at a Christian college and knowing there were people who cared and showed me God's Love,Mercy, and Grace.  The biggest impact on my college experience was when a horrible horrible accident happened and took the lives of two wonderful human beings.  The campus was devestated and shocked and in mourning for months.  But in all of it God got the Glory. The strength and testimony of the parents of those boys will forever be implanted in my brain. Their strength and Grace showed me what God's love and mercy is about.  In their Grief they ended up being a huge example and encouragement to many many students.  I remember that often even 20 years later. When faced with a challenge,trial or tragedy those Dear Amazing people come to my mind and I remember what they went through and how God received the GLORY in it All!!!!! God would continue to show me many many things over the next few years as I graduated from college and began my adventure called Life.  Stay tuned for the next phase and all that God has seen me through. To God Be The Glory For The Things He Has Done!!!!!!!

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  1. Amen! I often think of what happened at college too...that time of my life will always have a special place in my heart. God always has a plan for us.......we just need to listen and be faithful! Something that I NEED to work on myself! Love ya girl!!